A FREE, Comprehensive Step-By-Step Tutorial On How to Set-up Facebook and Instagram Ads For Your Med Spa or Aesthetics Practice. 

This guide is accompanied by a FREE video series that walks you through the following steps in even more detail here → Free Facebook Ads Guide for Med Spas & Aesthetics Practices – YouTube

Step #1: You need a winning offer. 

A great offer is one that’s going to resonate with your audience, generate leads and produce a positive ROI for your ad spend.

  • Research what your competitors are doing with their offers and price competitively
    • Use the Page Transparency tab on Facebook to see what competitors are doing
    • Go to Google and search for “service + city” to see what ads / offers your competitors are running
  • I tend to suggest a focus on lower ticket services ($50-$200)
  • Sell the solution, not just the service or product
    • Explain the benefits of the service that you are offering and the problem it solves
  • Instill the confidence in the desired outcome of the service
  • Use before and afters, videos, testimonials, etc. to add social proof
  • Provide guarantees when possible (and explain what they’ll get if they aren’t happy, ie free revisions)
  • Make sure your ads are new patient promos and that you include disclaimer language to disqualify existing patients (in most cases) 
  • Test different offers to see what works best!

Step #2: Graphics (or videos) that POP in the feed. 

You need to stand out in the news feed or people will scroll right past the ad. The number one objective of an ad is to gain attention and get the user to pause. 

  • Use text overlay on the graphic to quickly communicate the offer
  • Images that POP in the feed
  • Bold colors and designs that get the users attention 
  • Be intentional and clear about the next steps
  • Include social proof and location info. The client needs to know that you are a reputable business in the area.

Step #3: Copy that Convinces and Converts

There are specific ways to do this that will maximize your ads effectiveness. When it comes to Facebook, I also recommend reading the health and advertising policies. 

  • Highlight the offer details
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Make sure to include social media proof and location information
  • Offer details and long form info
  • Tell the user what to do next in clear language (after filling out this form, you’ll be redirected to a page to book online)
  • Explain the offer, the price, in detail
  • Create a sense of urgency (deadlines, limited availability, etc.)

Step #4: Building Your Ad Campaign

Facebook’s ad campaign is very user friendly and will prompt you to add each component of the ad. Be specific and know the objective for the ad. A clear target audience, budget and graphic will make your campaign profitable. 

  1. Select the proper objective
    • “Leads” will set up the algorithm to optimize the performance of the ad to focus on people most likely to become a lead.
  2. Set up conversion points
    • Use instant forms, maximize the number of leads, add your facebook page and do not set an end date
  3. Set a daily budget (I recommend an absolute minimum of $10/day, but the more you spend, the more people you reach)
  4. Create your audience
    • When it comes to your audience, you want to see where 80% of your business comes from and hone in on that demographic and those geographic areas, not the extremes
    • Be realistic with the age, gender and all target parameters – keep it within the margins of what your current clientele is, not what you wish it were
  1. Select placements
  2. Build your ad!
  3. Ensure proper tracking/ pixel placement
  4. Provide a clear explanation of what happens after a user fills out your lead form

Step #5: Nailing the follow up process

Retaining clients is vital to the success of your business. If you get a client in the door with your Facebook ad campaign, what does the process look like to have them schedule that second appointment?

  1. You have to reply quickly, either manually or via automatio
    • Unlike Google ads, where these are leads that have the intent to buy and schedule now, Facebook is not intent based. Users are just scrolling and filling out the ad form to see what it’s about. They are not necessarily ready to buy or schedule at the time. The reality is that they are on the fence and we must reply quickly.
  2. You must effectively upsell and retain patients
    • How do you schedule follow ups?
    • Make sure you know the client’s reason for scheduling the appointment in the first place, and their desired outcome from the appointment. This gives you the opportunity to upsell and present a plan of action. 
    • Present a second offer / upsell
    • Make sure the client is aware of all the other services you provide!

Remember that this is a numbers game. There are a certain number of leads that turn into patients. From there you need to maximize the chance of a second scheduled appointment and upsell by doing your best to exceed expectations during their visit.

Step #6: Test, Test, Test

Don’t be afraid to test different variations of your ad. Each ad will generate a different result and testing allows you to focus your investment on the elements that are producing the best return. Things to test:

  • Offers
  • Images
  • Ad Copy 
  • Follow up strategies 
  • Upsells
  • Landing Page Elements
  • Form Fields
  • Audience Targeting (demos, geos, etc) 
  • Refresh your ads every month/other month. Avoid ad fatigue!

Never stop testing!

That’s it! Following this guide will ensure you have a fine-tuned, well optimized Facebook/ Instagram Ads campaign in place that is sure to generate a consistent flow of leads to your spa or practice. 

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