This is our curated list of individuals and additional resources that come highly recommended for your Med Spa or Practice. These experts and resources have not only earned our trust but have also graced our podcast with their invaluable insights. Whether you’re seeking guidance, inspiration, or expert advice, you’ll find it here. Dive in to discover a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from these trusted voices in the field. If you haven’t already, be sure to explore their podcast episodes to gain deeper insights into their expertise. Your journey to success in the world of Med Spa and healthcare practice starts here.


This is the list of people we trust to recommend for any additional resources you may be needing for your Med Spa or Practice. Tune in to their podcast interview episodes with Ricky Shockley for even more insights!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Ben Hernandez

Ben Hernandez

Partner at Skytale Group

Skytale Group is a forward-thinking consultancy, empowering businesses to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management. With a seasoned team, they safeguard digital assets and ensure regulatory compliance. Their mission: world-class cybersecurity solutions for confident, resilient operations. Choose Skytale Group as your trusted partner for fortified digital defenses and regulatory compliance, allowing you to focus on your core objectives. Explore their offerings on their website to secure your digital future.

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Hiring & Retention

Mary Beth Hagan

Mary Beth Hagan

CEO/Founder of Titan Aesthetic Recruiting

Titan Aesthetic Recruiting is a leading name in aesthetic medicine staffing, connecting top talent with exceptional practices. Their mission: empower aesthetic professionals and practices for success. Whether you’re a practitioner or a practice owner, they streamline the process for career advancement and team enhancement. Shape the future of aesthetic medicine with them. Explore services, jobs, and get in touch on their website. Your journey to an elevated career starts here.

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Legal Help & Starting a Practice

Sarah Shikhman

Sarah Shikhman

Managing Partner at Langea Law

Langea Law is a client-focused law firm providing exceptional legal services across diverse practice areas. Their mission: deliver outstanding, human-centered representation guided by values of integrity, empathy, and excellence. As your go-to legal partner, they offer expert guidance for individuals and businesses in complex legal matters. Discover their services on the Lengea Law website for a caring approach to legal success.

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Medical Device Sales & Service

Scott Carson

Scott Carson

Founder & CEO of MRP

MRP is a cutting-edge platform streamlining manufacturing resource planning for businesses. Their mission: revolutionize MRP with accessible, intuitive software. They’re the go-to for enhancing operations and boosting efficiency in the manufacturing world. Visit their website to explore their suite of MRP tools and transform your processes.

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HIPAA Compliance

Liam Degnan

Liam Degnan

Director of Strategic Initiatives at Compliancy Group

Compliancy Group are leading experts in healthcare compliance, specializing in simplifying HIPAA regulations. Their mission: protect patient data and uphold privacy and security in healthcare. Trusted by healthcare professionals, they provide confidence in data security and compliance. Explore their solutions on their website to ensure your healthcare practice meets regulatory standards.

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Consulting, Coaching & Education

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Founder & CFO of Projected Growth Consulting

Projected Growth Consulting is a dynamic consultancy firm dedicated to unlocking business potential and achieving sustainable growth. Their mission: provide strategic insights for success in a competitive landscape. With expertise, data-driven insights, and a focus on client satisfaction, they’re the go-to partner for optimizing strategies and achieving long-term success. Explore their services on their website for guidance in growth and transformation.

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Med Spa Success Strategies Podcast

Tune into our Med Spa Success Strategies Podcast. Follow along as our Host, Ricky Shockley, interviews experts in the industry to help educate our fellow Med Spa and Aesthetics Practice owners! 

Host, Ricky Shockley
Owner & Marketing Director of Med Spa Magic MArketing

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