Facebook & Instagram Ads Case Study

163 New patient Leads from this one ad campaign alone!

Using Facebook & Instagram ads, we generated 163 leads from this ONE campaign for a total ad spend of $3,000 (that’s $18.16 per lead!)


Outlining the Strategy

We wanted to develop a low-friction way to attract leads from local residents who were INTERESTED in our client’s services, but weren’t necessarily actively shopping for them. So, we developed a virtual coupon book download that has limited time offers for new patients to access. It generates leads for less than $20 per lead in most cases! We’ve even seen these campaigns generate leads for less than $10 per lead at times. If you can convert ~1/10 leads at this cost, you can experience awesome returns on investment!

After the leads come in, we set up marketing automations (a sequence of emails, texts and even automated voicemails) that help turn leads into new paying patients for your practice. This is an important part of maximizing return on investment!


Lead generated


Advertising Spend


cost per lead on ad spend


Our aim with coupon book strategy campaigns is to convert at least 5% of leads into booked appointments. That means ~9 new patients from this one campaign per $3,000 in ad spend. If these patients produce an average lifetime value to your practice of $2,000 (knowing some will be one and done, others will spend 10’s of thousands over the course of years) that’s $18,000 in new revenue for every $3,000 spent on ads (6x ROI!)

Measurable Results

Screenshot of the Raw Ads Data

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